Sound Systems

February 11th

As the structures that were thought to describe the operation of the world become progressively more unworkable, other concepts of organization must become current. These concepts will base themselves on the assumption of change rather than stasis and on the assumption of probability rather than certainty.  {Brian Eno}

Read Generating and Organizing Variety in the Arts (pdf) by Brian Eno

Listen to The Great Learning (Paragraph 7) by Cornelius Cardew ~  Score and Notes

In a world mediated through computing, our everyday lives are increasingly affected by complex and invisible systems. Some of these are algorithmic trades on the stock market, others are search results for information, movies, or a date. These systems often aspire to transparency, usability, and efficiency. Playful systems take a different approach, bringing the systems to the foreground as games, stories, narratives, and visualizations. Playful systems embrace complexity rather than conceal it, and seek to delight, not disappear. {Kevin Slavin}

Read Systems Aesthetics (pdf) by Jack Burnham


Systems are seductive. They promise to do a hard job faster, better, and more easily than you could do it by yourself. But if you set up a system, you are likely to find your time and effort now being consumed in the care and feeding of the system itself. New problems are created by its very presence. Once set up, it won’t go away, it grows and encroaches. It begins to do strange and wonderful things. Breaks down in ways you never thought possible. It kicks back, gets in the way, and opposes its own proper function. Your own perspective becomes distorted by being in the system. You become anxious and push on it to make it work. Eventually you come to believe that the misbegotten product it so grudgingly delivers is what you really wanted all the time. At that point encroachment has become complete… you have become absorbed… you are now a systems person! {John Gale}

Read Systemantics (pdf) – just appendix I – by John Gale


Read The Impact of the Work of Sonia Landy Sheridan (pdf) by Mary Flanagan


Create a system for play for more than one person, using the supplied elastic.