Fluxus, Intermedia, & Experimental Art Games

Event Scores, involve simple actions, ideas, and objects from everyday life recontexualized as performance. Event Scores are texts that can be seen as proposal pieces or instructions for actions. The idea of the score suggests musicality. Like a musical score, Event Scores can be realized by artists other than the original creator and are open to variation and interpretation. { Alison Knowles }

Read How to Make a Dadaist Poem (online) by Tristan Tzara

Read Paragraphs on Conceptual Art (pdf) by Sol Lewitt

Recommended: Read Intermedia (pdf) by Hannah and Dick Higgins

Read Critical Play – Chapter 1 (pdf) by Mary Flanagan (optional, but skim for examples of games/play in historical art practices)


Look through Surrealist Games (pdf) and the Fluxus Workbook (pdf)

Choose Your Own Project

  1. Project Prepare 2 pieces from the Fluxus Workbook
  2. Create and prepare your own event score
  3. Create a max/msp patch/system/piece that makes use of chance processes