Project 1

Scores, rules, and other procedures for play

Create a set of instructions or rules–a score–to be played/performed/executed by our convenient classroom ensemble. Your piece may use the whole class or a subset, but it must involve more than one person.  We should be able to play the piece in class but the resulting output is wide open. Your score could produce a drawing, a choreography, a piece of music, a game, an eating ritual, etc. It should not take more than 5 minutes to perform your piece.


  • The score is also the piece–send me your scores by midnight on September 13th.
  • Be sure to bring any materials needed to play your piece to class on the 15th.
  • Short! ~5 minutes!
  • If your score needs more than 5 minutes, talk to me about it!
  • You will also need to document this piece–think about how to do this! (Peter will bring a video camera and sound recorder to class)


Project 2

Interactivity, Control, and other Impossibilities

Using Max/MSP or some other digital environment (ask me), create an interactive system that uses input from the environment to control, steer, navigate, or inform a digital process. Again, the possible outputs are broad–the system could produce images, sound, text, video, light, etc. It could be an installation, a musical tool, a performance setup, a game, a dance, a sculpture, etc.

There are three rules:

  • The system must use both discrete and continuous control elements
  • The system should not be easily predictable–its output should be surprising, even to you
  • The system should be interactive beyond the traditional control paradigm of the mouse and keyboard


Project 3

Sampling – Collage, Remix, & Assemblage

Find a source material–an audio or video recording, a text, an object, or something less tangible–and process it to produce a piece that transforms, reconsiders, or plays with the original–it’s meaning, context, structure, and readings.

The only formal requirement is that the source material retain some quality of the original–don’t erase the original completely, use it to say something else.

The methods you use to process the material and the form that the output takes are up to you.