Scores and Scripts

Create a score, a script, or some other type of instruction to be played/performed/interpreted by our convenient classroom ensemble. Your piece may use the whole class or a subset, but it should actively involve more than one person.  Unless there is good reason, try to keep the pieces under 10 minutes, so we can practice them a few times in class, but the type of performance is wide open. Your score could result in a collective drawing, a choreography, a sonic experience, a game, an eating ritual, etc.

  • The score is also the piece–send me your scores by midnight on September 13th.
  • Be sure to bring any materials needed to play your piece to class on the 15th.
  • Short! ~10 minutes!
  • If your score needs more time, let me know ahead of time so i can figure it in!
  • Think about whether you want to document your piece, and how?


networked stages / virtual lives


public intervention


live on screen




thinking with performance


another risk